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I see how it appears that way, but it’s technically more information you get as an author. You will actually see how both how many people *and* how many you got from each one. It’s a whole new dimension of information.

As a reader of other posts, the default number you see is how many total claps. If you click on that number you can see from how many people. (You just don’t see who gave what.)

One of the things I think we’ll learn over time is how to calibrate what the number means on first glance. It will seem inflated at first, because we’re used to seeing a 1:1 ratio. My theory is that we’ll adjust to that and get a new sense what it means.

But if we find we need to display other/different meta info, we’ll consider that. (It’s something the team debated a lot while designing this.)

Thanks for the feedback and support.