Medium’s director of content: Kate Lee

I’m happy to announce the addition of Kate Lee to Medium’s team. Kate has spent most of her career as a literary agent at ICM, discovering authors on the web (among other places) and helping get books published, from conception through production.

The “publishing prodigy” and “wunderkind agent,” as the New York Observer put it, left her job in traditional publishing this April, in search of the future. She said at the time:

“I thought long and hard about it…this wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was the one I ultimately arrived at. I’m really looking forward to taking some time off and reading a book for pleasure.”

We’re glad she’s done reading books for pleasure and will now spend time reading Medium posts (also pleasurable!).

I was introduced to Kate this fall, via Obvious’s East Coast compatriots, Josh Miller and Jason Goldman. (Apparently, once you’re in New York, you meet everyone else there. Something about the density.) I thought she would be a great person to pioneer our content development efforts, given her editorially honed mind, business savvy, and demonstrated tenacity at finding diamonds in the rough.

Why is Medium hiring a “Director of Content”?

Truth be told, there’s only so far that content can be “directed” on a platform like Medium, which will be an open marketplace of ideas, where everyone can participate and publish. After all, great ideas can come from anywhere, and part of our mission is to level the playing field. Also, we expect the world (users of Medium) will play a much bigger role in determining what thrives on the system than we will.

But it doesn’t hurt to nudge things in the right direction—especially when getting a new platform off the ground. Kate’s job is to help get great stuff onto Medium. She’ll do this in a variety of ways—by discovering, encouraging, soliciting, commissioning, and contextualizing interesting ideas, authors, and institutions. She’ll do this from New York—home of so many of the world’s best storytellers. And she’ll be building a small team to help her.

If you have great content and want to talk to Kate, email us at