Menu bar Gcal Countdown Timer

I’d like something sitting in my menu bar, always visible, that synched with my Google Calendar to show me the next thing on my schedule and counted down how much time I have. (See crude mockup above.)

This is sorta like the “Next Meeting” widget you can turn on in Gcal “Labs” features. But that only shows it when you switch to you calendar tab, in which case it’s kinda redundant (though there’s still something about showing how many minutes you have, versus showing the time and making you do the math).

If it was up in the menu bar, my hope is it would eliminate the anxiety I often feel when I’m working on something and keep forgetting what I have coming up next and when. Also, there’s something about a countdown that exerts urgency. (Hopefully it wouldn’t just be distracting, but that’s a possibility.)

For Extra Points

This relates to another idea that could be built into the same app: Adding other important upcoming milestones that you want a countdown for. For example, your launch deadline. Imagine if everyone on your team had that (600 hours to go!). I imagine putting multiple timers across the top with the farther out ones on the left. (Though you might want to limit it to just two.)

In the Ballpark

There is this Menubar Countdown product, but it’s fairly limited: Only allows less than 100 hours, doesn’t show days or months, doesn’t show a label. Might be useful though.