My Five Favorite Medium Pieces this Week

I’ve been really enjoying me some Medium stories lately. Lots.
Here are some.

So, we published this story about teenage pedophiles. Not a topic I would normally tune into — let alone read a 30-minute story about — with interest. But the narrative compelled me, and the topic seemed important and original.

Thanks to Matter EIC Mark Lotto and team on this brave story. (Some behind the scenes from Mark.)

Part of the reason the pedophile story is great is because it tells us about something that’s been around forever but we didn’t really know about. Another story like that — albeit, an easier subject — is this one:

So maybe you knew The Mona Lisa was stolen — a large part of why it’s so popular, apparently — but I didn’t. Great perspective on art, originality, and the role of copying.

Like you, I’m sad about Robin Williams. Everyone has a special connection to the man. Mine was that we shared a last name. We lived in the same town. And he was one of the first celebrities I ever saw in person. We were at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco, soon after it opened. Friends and I were playing it their futuristic arcade, and there was Robin, with his son, at the dinosaur video game next to us.

Robert Silverman of The Cauldron has a better story:

Okay, so his story is not that much better, but his writing is, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Speaking of good writing, Paul Ford needs no more attention. His pieces blow up every time he posts to The Message (which you should clearly follow), but still I must be true to my title. This was definitely one of my fav’s this week:

Now for something less predictable: Deena Rosen’s “Dear Silicon Valley” made my list, because it’s about a subject near and dear to my heart — climate change — and it addresses people near and dear to my heart — Silicon Valley:

She does is with humor and style and it’s only a 2-minute read, so seriously Silicon Valley, WTF.

Okay, back to self-serving things. We have this designer guy at Medium, Marcin, who’s amazing. You may know him from the piece about underlines. He wrote something simple this week about a little piece of the Medium office. I loved it:

And while we’re on the subject of Medium, did you know stories can come in multiple languages now?

That is it for EV’S WEEK IN MEDIUM*.

* Not actually a weekly thing. Mostly I wanted to try out our new embed feature. (It’s nice.) And yes, I know there were six not five.

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