Savant True Control iOS app

Savant True Control II

Savant is a home audio/video/environment control system. It’s actually not terrible, but their iPhone app could be so much better it hurts. The biggest problem is they do the classic web-design thing of letting you get anywhere from anywhere. For example, the big mode buttons at the top and the source buttons at the bottom are selected once per “media session.” For example, you decide if you’re going to watch something or listen to something (top) and then from where (DVD or iTunes library). But then those big buttons continue to take up real estate the entire time, severely limiting the real estate dedicated to your current mode—e.g., selecting a different Pandora station, which is two clicks away.

Take a lesson from Apple: Focus on the task at hand. Retreat back to home to switch tasks (or even up a hierarchy, eventually up to home—see Apple TV).

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