The Reusable Checklist

I believe in checklists. I do. Really. And I would use them all the time…if I only had a great tool. Here’s what it would do:

You create a checklist, such as, “New Hire Process,” or “Feature Launch,” or “Brain Surgery.” Note, these are things you do often, not one-time projects. Every time you needed to do it again, you’d start a new instance. You could modify that instance if you needed to do anything special.

Obviously this is a team application—you’d want it working company-wide and to use your Google Apps login. Mostly it’s a private-data productivity thing, but you might consider publicly shareable checklists. E.g., people could share their best “Product Launch” or “Hiking Half Dome” checklists.

The more sophisticated enterprisey version would allow you to assign certain steps, such as “Security Signoff,” so only certain could check that box. It would tell you what steps couldn’t be done before others, etc. There’s all kinds workflow and process stuff this gets into that probably exists in lots of enterprise software but not in an easily accessible, everyone should use checklists every day, sort of way.

Trello is the closest thing I’ve seen to this, since you can clone a card and cards can have checklists. Trello is a pretty good app for lots of things. But I’m still craving a stand-alone tool.

Done right, this would reduce risk, errors, and time spent doing repeated processes.

So build this please—and if it already exists (hard to believe it doesn’t), let me know.

Update: I’m told Checkmarkable does just this. Haven’t tried it, so can’t endorse it yet.

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