Ev Williams
Aug 31, 2017 · 1 min read

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict what any author or story will make (if anything). Hopefully this gives a little more insight:

After one week of the new partner program, we did our first payout today. (We estimate payments once a week and process them once a month — so this is the payment for August, even though it’s only been a week.)

Of the partner authors who submitted content, 75% earned money. Payments ranged from $3 to $1,158, with an average of $137 (per author).

Side note: Calculations were entirely based on engagement from members. We sliced the data every which way from Sunday and determined that, while not perfect, claps reflected a pretty reasonable measure of what members want to see. So if you’re a member (and why wouldn’t you be?), 👏.

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