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Ev Williams
Aug 14, 2012 · 4 min read

1. Medium lets you focus on your words

Medium is a beautiful space for reading and writing — and little else. The words are central. They can be accompanied by images to help illustrate your point. But there are no gratuitous sidebars, plug-ins, or widgets. There is nothing to set up or customize.

“It’s true: Medium has the best web-based editor I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen them all.” —Anil Dash

2. Medium is collaborative

On Medium, you’re not alone. You write beside and with other people. This means your posts link to each other, your ideas bump into each other, and instead of living on an island somewhere out on the web, you’re part of a dynamic whole, where each part makes the others better.

“This is probably the most awesome UI I’ve ever seen for people to collaborate on writing.” —Daniel Stanoescu

3. Medium helps you find your audience

We think great ideas can come from anywhere and should compete on their own merits. On Medium, you can contribute often or just once in a blue moon, without the commitment of a blog. And either way, you’re publishing into a thriving, pulsing network — not a standalone web site, which you alone are responsible for keeping alive.

“Over the years, I’ve published my writing in dozens of places on the Internet. More people read a single Medium post than everything else combined.” —Cliff Watson

Why We Built Medium

In 1999, two friends and I launched Blogger, a simple tool for publishing on the web. Blogs, or “weblogs,” were largely unknown outside a small community of web geeks. The idea that anyone, anywhere, could publish for a global audience seemed radical.

We don’t know all the answers. But we know that words matter (still), so we built a better system for sharing them.

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