Crowdsourcing History

Preserving culture and identity through your photographs.

The massive fire that destroyed Brazil’s 200 year old museum of natural and cultural history on September 2, 2018 is a tragic loss. The building itself was once the residence for the Portuguese royal family, and contained more than 20 million items in its collection.

It had more than 20,000 items related to the history of Brazil, natural history from the Americas, and artifacts from many other countries — making this a global loss.

Now that our world has shrunk — or expanded — to the size of our digital communities wikipedia is seeking to preserve and catalog the lost artifacts through personal submissions and contributions.

The sum of all knowledge through personal pictures is an incredible way to capture the human story. It is our collective story after all and everyone is leaving their own unique imprint.

At EVRealities we’re proud to be building a community of creators submitting 360 Video, 360 Photographs, and VR/AR assets to document life all over the world. We’re making this content and these creators available to newsrooms and publishers who are interested in expanding the newsroom and engage their audiences with immersive and interactive stories.

Human stories and culture can be experienced and recorded everywhere.

To our community we encourage you to participate in this preservation effort with Wikipedia. If you would like to become a member of our community and help document the our human story told through powerful immersive media, please take a moment to sign up here.