Chatbots, quick thoughts

Not every idea is worth spending a lot of time on. Writing included. 
That’s why I’ll keep it short. Feel free to discuss in the comments.

  1. Will voice-only interface be enough? People forget, people get confused, people prefer to have control. So they are likely to want the option to “scroll” back the history.
  2. We should learn from Star Trek, the military and the air traffic control when it comes to live task execution. We shouldn’t assume, both as developers and users, but state the full command in a structured manner instead. At least until computers can read our mind.
  3. Maybe it’s time we have a dedicated robotics class at school, where the relationship between computers and humans is examined. If schools are too slow to adopt, which they are, courses could be an option. But education is key.
  4. “We cannot outsource our responsibilities to machines, we must hold on ever tighter to human values and human ethics.” — a TED talk by Zeynep Tufekci
  5. Some people think chatbots are just a hype and nothing more. It’s like saying that a 9 year old is just a kid and nothing more. Kids become grown ups.
  6. Everybody’s got the same tools for chatbots. Just like we have the same computers at home. How we use them is what will make the difference. Execution, creativity, in-depth tool and domain expertise, social and people knowledge. Those are the skills that will matter.
  7. The least developed chatbot feature is the language support of the NLP. I think this is the key to gaining local competitive advantage.