10 Ways to Combat Trump

Actions individuals can take in the Trump era.

In democracies, there is always space for people to have power. This list was developed by a group of friends to help people think through where their skills and passions can be put to use most effectively. It does not give you a plan, it gives you some general ideas to help you make a plan. Please use this to discuss — within your family, within your friends groups, within the new groups springing up to resist over the next 4 years. And then please share your plan so we can learn from it!

Put people first

1. Be an advocate and ally for all vulnerable and at-risk groups

Muslims, people of color, immigrants, women, and many other groups have been targeted and are scared.

  • Actively demonstrate your respect and acceptance of everyone in your community.
  • If you have the skills, provide pro-bono legal, psycho social, or other technical and material support to groups at-risk from Trump.
  • Do this in your community. Reach out online as well.

2. The election autopsy: understanding root causes

Making sense of what just happened is confusing and painful.

  • Democratic Party or liberal think-tanks should do a full investigation.
  • Individuals should seek to understand as well — listen to Trump supporters, get past the bombast and rhetoric and start to understand this gap between our perspectives.

3. Reject and call out hate

  • At the same time, don’t pretend that racist, misogynist and xenophobic rhetoric and action is anything other than racist, misogynist and xenophobic.

Obstruct dangerous legislation

The Republicans have control of the House and the Senate; Trump is appointing his team of deplorables to key government posts now; and the Supreme Court will be next. This is not only alarming, it is dangerous for people, American institutions, and the environment.

4. Strategic action within the political process

  • Identify where citizens can have power in this process.
  • Research and create resources for others to make interacting with the political system easy.
  • Define a set of actions and ACT.
  • For example: The only way to keep legislation from getting through the House and Senate is to have bipartisan support AGAINST Trump. What pressure can citizens bring to bear on their Senators?

5. Direct action

Now is the time for peaceful, strategic protest

  • General protest to remind people we are out there and strong in numbers
  • Link action to the issues you are most passionate about.
  • Boycott private companies that play ball with Trump and co, in particular through lobbying activities.
  • Be peaceful, but creative in how to disrupt.

6. Donate

ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Center, we need organizations like these, and we can anticipate that they will be under attack.

  • Give them money.
  • Ask how else you can support them.

Build for the future

7. A positive vision for America

We need to be united by a positive and modern political vision. What is America in the 21st Century? How do we manage the shift in demographics, technology, and global interconnectedness?

  • Articulate your perspective and vision.
  • Talk about it. Write about it. Communicate.

8. Run for office.

  • Yes you.
  • As local as you like.

Do not “move on”

9. Don’t wait for until things have already happened to react. Anticipate.

We have seen Trump and his team’s tactics of retaliation, repression of free speech and support of bigoted and racist groups. The only responsible thing to do is believe the words that have come out of his mouth, look at the policies he has promised to enact, and prepare.

  • Be two steps ahead of Trump and co.
  • Protect yourselves, your institutions, and your politicians and press BEFORE legislation or retaliatory measures are in place.

10. Set up infrastructure to be organized and stay engaged

  • Leverage off-line and on-line tools to form a social movement.
  • Find a specific role for yourself and commit to staying engaged.
  • Develop accountability mechanisms to ensure that you and your network stay active and engaged. We have 4 years.

There are a lot of resources already out there to learn from, and a lot of groups already forming. Please help put them in one place!

· Groups you are working with already to organize

· Ideas for this document

· Actions you plan on taking

· Resources that you have found helpful

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