This is how this is going to work

I choose to write this blog to improve my writing skills, to learn to express my feelings more clearly and to formulate my thoughts and opinions in a consistent and concise way.

I also pledged to write one blog post a week. You know, to kick it off with a solid frequency, which I should be able to handle…probably. Worst case scenario, I will spend my Sunday afternoons, writing frantically to reach my deadline. To be honest, I am doing it right now and I have no shame about it.

Apart from the frequency and my desire to succeed in the before mentioned categories, I haven’t really decided on a few important points:

  1. What should I write specifically (or generally) about?
  2. In what language should I write?

The first question shall stay unanswered (for now). I will see where this whole thing goes and what I like to write about first and then come back to it when I have a general idea of the path I want to take with my writing. You never know, I might get interested in paleontology and write about that (not likely, but not impossible).

The language part has, on the other hand, been occupying my thoughts for some time now. English is not my mother tongue and I am not perfect at it. It needs to be practiced more regularly and maybe studied a bit more in depth, so I can actually create good, concise and semi-correct content. On the other hand, I know French and Italian as well, but I am far from being confident in writing good content in those two sneaky Roman languages, so I will skip them completely (for now).

And then comes my own language, Slovenian, which I love and cherish, but I sometimes fail miserably at it, as so many of my compatriots do. I get frustrated with the fact that I don’t (or rather cannot) correctly use my language to communicate with others. I find it quite shameful actually and something that should be changed ASAP.

Which is why my verdict is as follows:

I shall write in English and Slovenian interchangeably: One post will be in English, the next one in Slovenian and so on. This way I can practice both, be better at both and maybe call upon some fellow Slovenians who read and write blogs on the internet.

Wish me luck in keeping this rhythm and hold me accountable to it. I’d really appreciate it.

Catch up with me next week with the first post in Slovenian.