The Winged Artist — Effortless Meditation through Drawing and Painting

How to overcome mental barriers, when drawing or painting by heart?

Partial photo of Phoenix (Digital Art) by Eva Maria Hunt

Art is a way of self-expression, therefore everyone can draw and paint. Yes, I am certain you are not an exception. The problems start when you come at this creative process from the wrong angle. So you become paralysed even before you start the process of drawing or painting and then you get more and more frustrated by the lack of results you are getting. Here is why: If I tied you down to a chair and then asked you to start running you wouldn’t get very far and you would have a lot of struggle to move forward even a little bit. Right? This is what you are doing to yourself, when setting those unrealistic expectations before you even begin to paint or draw. So let’s tear down those ties and barriers of yours and start creating by heart.

What are the benefits of drawing by heart?

· You can offload your negative emotions

· You can bring through guidance helpful to you

· You can create colour combinations that you are in need of, so they relax you, boost your energies, etc.

· It can help you ground your creative energies and express them in a positive way

As a result, if you give yourself permission to open up and you allow enough time for yourself to do so, you can spend time “in the zone”, so it becomes an effortless and fun way of meditation that can last for hours, whilst you can relax, recharge and feel lighter and better.

Mental Barrier #1 — The biggest barrier of all — unrealistic expectations

Most people, when thinking about creating art have two preconceptions. Either they want to be able to create the exact copy of the object of their art on canvas, paper, etc. or they wish to be able to draw or paint by heart having their intentions, feelings, thoughts appear on paper as they see them with their minds eye. With these preconceptions, if you are not already an artist, you set yourself up for failure.

Well this is the first big barrier to overcome. If I told you I am an artist, but I am unable to draw on the spot, you would think I am joking. I am actually serious.

However, when I enter “the zone”, a kind of meditative state, I can create drawings, paintings I never thought I will be able to. I can draw my emotions, spiritual concepts, angels and energy and so much more. Weird, ha? I would say it’s pretty magical. And the best part of it is the fact that you can do it too.

So give yourself permission to deliver something different to your expectations. Allow yourself to experience and enjoy the journey, rather than focusing on when you might get lost or where you end up being by the end. It’s all good, don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with this process.

Bellow you can see my very first channelled painting. Channelling means “downloading information/energy” and bringing it to life on paper. After the first hour of drawing it, I thought I just can’t do this, I never be able to make any sense of what is appearing on the paper… all I saw was lines and colours, that didn’t seem to come together. Then I forced myself to keep going and 2 hours later I started seeing something in it. The artwork began talking to me…

Guardian Angel with Feather (Soft Pastel) by Eva Maria Hunt,

Mental Barrier #2 — Not believing in yourself and being very self-judgemental

I am a creative person and I have tried myself out in many different ways. Whether I was baking a cake, making a dress creating jewellery or art, what I have found is I needed to feel I can actually do this. I had to have fate in my ability, even if I have done something for the very first time.

So what can you do? The saying you reap what you saw is really true here. If you hesitate, if you are unsure, if you are full of self-judgement, you will have a hard time. So instead, spread your wings and believe in your own ability to be able to express what you want.

This painting below I created following a video tutorial. It was the very first time I ever held soft pastel in my hands and the very first time I attempted to draw an eye. Although it is a different process to what I am trying to explain to you, I wanted you to see this to demonstrate that believing in yourself is a big portion of succeeding in creating art. The rest simply falls into place. It’s not perfect, but it was a good start and I was really happy with the result at the time I made it.

Drawing a Soft Pastel Eye — Experiment

Mental Barrier #3 — It takes ages to learn the skills to draw and paint

If you want to become an artist in the traditional sense you are right, it takes a lot of time and practise. However you are only looking for a way that is fun and can bring quick results, so you can get into “the zone” and experience this type of active meditation for yourself.

This painting I chose for you is The Tree of Confidence. Before I started it I had a search on google for interpretations of trees. I wanted some inspiration, something that sparks my interest. Then I set down with my paintings and created the background. I felt the need to use all 7 colours of the rainbow. Then I shaped the tree, letting it become the way it meant to be, and finished it off with iridescent paint strokes to bring it to life.

Tree of Confidence (Soft Pastel) by Eva Maria Hunt,

Now we took off the barriers holding you back and weighing you down all you need to do is to allow yourself to fly. What I mean by that is you bypass your logical mind and follow your heart, your soul, wherever it takes you. So you can become the winged artist, breaking through the limitations of the material world and exploring what else is in there, in you and around you.

Through these 3 paintings I have shown you 3 different ways already on how to start flying, drawing by heart, as a winged artist. Now it’s your turn!

Are you ready to do art as a way of meditation, travelling many dimensions of your soul and the Universe?

Here is the basic process you can start with:

1. Get your tools: canvas or paper, paint and brushes, soft pastels or coloured pencils, etc.

2. Don’t forget to set your alarm clock, so you don’t worry about time.

3. Put some music on to help you connect with your soul.

4. Now close your eyes for a minute or two and take deep, slow breaths.

5. As you open your eyes do not think just pick up the first colour you are drawn to and start drawing/ painting. Just let yourself become childlike (not childish) to access the energies of your soul that you wish to express. Don’t judge it, just keep going. Pick up other colours without thinking why that one. Let your hand being led by your higher self/soul. Keep going as long as you want.

6. Use your fingers, the end of your brush or other tools to create texture, and to get more involved with the painting. I love to work with acrylics to feel the paint under my fingers. I also like soft pastel. If you buy good quality ones you will be able to smudge them together, creating interesting colour mixes, shades and effects. Have fun! Really enjoy it!

Spirit Dance (Acrylic) by Eva Maria Hunt

The above is my latest painting, which I created with this basic process you are reading through right now. Every time I look at it I spot more spirit on my artwork. There are dancing spirits, ones with angel wings, a cave with many faces and a dragon head peaking through… and many more.

7. Then stop and have a look at your painting. Is there a shape there or more you can discover? Are the colours of your painting start talking to you? Do you feel certain emotions coming up for you? Make mental notes or jot them down on paper and keep going.

8. Warning: Please be aware that this process is done deeper than your conscious level. So you have to be very careful not letting your logical mind interrupt. You will feel a kind of barrier, that something is just not right, when it happens. If you need to get back to “the zone”, where you travel easily, just close your eyes again, take deep breaths and as you open your eyes keep going with drawing, painting until you feel/sense you have finished. It can take 2–4 hours if you properly let your soul travel.

Congratulations! You have created your first artwork by heart! The more you do it, the more you will enjoy it.

What’s next?

You can use your finished painting as a soul nourishment. Keep it close to you, so you can soak up the colour energies, the coded messages, you are in need of. There is a reason why these colours, why these shapes appeared. So look at your artwork. How does it make you feel? What is the message in there for you? Explore it… and most of all enjoy your creation!

And when you feel the urge of painting again just go for it!

Set your soul free, let yourself be creative in your way. There are no boundaries to what you can bring through from your soul and other dimensions.

With love


Eva Maria Hunt is a Law of Attraction and Self Worth Coach with a difference. “I sculpt women's energy Blueprint, similarly to a make up artist, emphasising their best features. However I focus on their soul, peeling off emotional baggage, limiting beliefs that are in their way of becoming who they really are.

My method is fusing Eastern wisdom with Western living, Science and spirituality, Hands on healing and Energy Tools with a hint of Magic... including my own handmade Healing crystal jewellery and channelled Energy art.”

Eva is also a published Author of Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art