Are You The Boiling Frog?

As a medical marketing professional, I have been inside of the healthcare space since 2001.

I have seen the shift in patient and healthcare customer behavior through the last 16 years. This shift was the reason for why I started my business in 2013. I knew these changes were happening and were going to change healthcare forever.

The changes were subtle. And just like the frog in the slowly boiling water, many health and wellness providers did not see and many still don’t see these shifts and changes.

It seems that many medical organizations are holding on to the old ways of doing things. Hoping that if they close their eyes, all of this “new stuff” goes away. Many are still using what I call the “hope and pray” method of hoping and praying that potential patients find them in the dreaded Yellow Pages or worse, in their insurance directories (the horror).

Many are wasting marketing dollars on methods that simply are no longer effective for their patient population.

If you are solely a Medicare and Medicare Advantage physician, sure you can still rely on old school methods like direct mail and tv commercials. But even this segment of the population is seeing a shift.

More and more people are looking to digital channels not just to share and like cute cat videos. Let me share some stats with you that may help paint the picture better…

43% of baby boomers are starting to leverage social media for healthcare related information.

There are 27.4 million people over the age of 55 engaged in social networking, and 19 million of those use Facebook.

42% of individuals viewing health information on social media look at health-related consumer reviews.

Consumers today are going to the internet to search for information more than ever before.

So what are you doing to bring your organization into the digital age? How are you setting yourself apart from others in your specialty? Do you have a website that is engaging your audience? Are you positioning yourself as the expert with your content?

If you are resisting the change, thinking that Facebook is fad? and that it will go away soon?

Here’s a reality check for you….Facebook is 13 years old. Not only is it not going anywhere, it is becoming a powerful advertising platform where large brands are migrating to in droves.

The same goes for all digital marketing channels. As we become a more connected society, digital channels will soon become the ONLY place to really get the maximum results for your marketing dollars.

From the 15-year-old girl who spends her whole day on her mobile device on Snapchat and YouTube, not once looking at the television… to the grandmother who is on Facebook every day to communicate with her friends family… digital channels are powerful assets that health and wellness providers must use in order to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing space of healthcare.

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