Comments on Erasure

Fernández covers herself in a slick coat of grease through a chilling performance on screen coupled with haunting stills. She takes us away from seeing a girl and towards seeing someone disappear so we no longer know what they are — they becomes “a disappearance”. Fernández sucks the life out of her own act — out of her own portrayal. She empties the landscape of emotion into a dark corner of doom, creating an unresolved problem resembling a current political state. She reminds us there are failing governments failing their own people, her performance is filled with a loss of faith. There is a robotic sense of going through the motions with no humanity — a lack of concern. Eyes. neck, mouth, and nose are all capable of feeling senses which automatic robots lack. Along with this “disappearance”, we are confounded with squandered lives that are gone without a trace. The blackboard has been wiped clean of all but leftover corruption disguising itself. An ambivalent effect is dispersed in observing this performance — we are saddened by the loss of activist lives and human rights, while we are maddened by the attempts of government to create such an “erasure”.

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