Looking at Plexus No. 36

Plexus No. 36 takes us down is slippery slide of color and flash, the closer we step the more we notice the thread like nature of the material. Dawe has chosen to use textiles as his inspiration for such artwork. Art is about challenging the status quo, and Dawe uses textiles to challenge the social norms of his generation. The traditional use of textiles is a “girls work” and a rainbow of color is “girly”. Plexus No. 36 is littered with sprinkles and rainbows and unicorns, but all the same is radiance and sheer spectacular-ism attracts everyone — not just “girls”. Dawe challenges what we know about gender roles and what he remembers from his childhood by dramatically stitching into the art world with flaming wisps of color, tackling an embroidered occupation that would never have been his when he was young.

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