Navigating a Twitter Chat in Full Force #HootChat

I joined #HootChat about Social Selling in 2017 as a newbie to Twitter, and it was hectic to say the least.

I am new to Twitter. I had an antiquated account scattered with awkward tweets and cat gifs. My friends had forced me to join years ago and I haven’t logged in since. I had to research how to engage in intelligent conversation on a Twitter chat. I found How to participate in a Twitter Chat by Neal Augenstein really helpful. I would recommend it to anyone else who is just starting out.

It may sound obvious to some savvy with how Twitter functions, but toggling between your notifications and the latest section of that particular chat’s hashtag will help remain on top of the conversation. You will stay engaged and respond to any questions other users receive in an easier fashion. This way the chat will seem like more of a conversation between the community rather than just observing or contributing to an unresponsive audience.

Hootsuite’s #hootchat asked 8 questions about social selling and how to strengthen a brand by raising awareness with its audience in a way that is interactive. At some points I had to ask myself, what does “social selling” really mean? It allowed me to think about social media at a deeper level and as a marketer, rather than user. I also received informative advice for my own personal brand. I mentioned that I use Instagram as a photographer to connect with my target audience and clients. Other users recommended I check out Pinterest! I would have never thought of using Pinterest without.

It was hard to follow the chat at times, but I found it fun when people began reposting and asking me questions. Hootsuite even reposted my tweet in response to their question, “What social selling tactics should you keep in mind when engaging on social media?”. I said it was important to post constantly to interact, engage and persuade your audience to like and follow was a key tactic. I made sure to include @hootsuite and the hashtag for our chat. They agreed with my and advised that I build the audience’s trust. My targets may not buy the product being sold right away, but the effort to engage with them would lead to a sale down the road.

Continuing to post smart and relative answers will catch people’s attention and create the best experience. I tried to include humorous gifs too. If someone sees a catchy and illustrative animation, they might be more interested to read the context behind it.