Eva Wolfangel is currently a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT focused on interactive journalistic research in a social VR space.

Virtual reality tore me out of my filter bubble. I met people I probably would never have met in material reality. I felt close to people, I hung out with them in a social VR room for weeks — and only on my long journey to Kuwait, Israel, and the US, where I finally visited them in their material lives, did I realize how far away these people are “in reality.” …

Recent research shows the sloppy security architecture of Zoom. After a former NSA employee has uncovered massive security holes and researchers from the Canadian CitizenLab found problems with Zoom’s encryption, a German security researcher has detected additional potential vulnerabilities. Our computers with Zoom on them may not be as private and secure as we think.

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The first thing that sparked suspicion in Thorsten Schröder was Zoom’s FAQs on data protection. The answer to the question “Does Zoom sell my data?” started with “Depends what you mean by sell.” (Zoom has changed the wording now — but I kept a screenshot as a souvenir). As he read on, Schröder realized: “Zoom, of course, gives away your data.” The second thing was that Zoom did not work with the security tools that Schröder had installed on his computer. These expert tools help him to detect malware or other problems in software. …


Eva Wolfangel

Science and tech journalist focusing on computer science, cyber security and virtual reality. European Science Writer of the Year 2018, KSJ Fellow at MIT 19/20.

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