Well, Eva, ISIS won on you then.
Dennis Decoene

Hi Dennis!

Thank you for taking what I imagine would be quite a considerable amount of your time to write to me – I am honoured you felt compelled to and I appreciate your words immensely. However, I must say, I come from one of the safest nations in the world and if I can in any way protect myself from danger in this unpredictable land we call Earth, then I will. I totally get what you’re saying but I am not going to put myself at harm’s way in areas of France which are deemed high risk as compared to the areas I’m going to be visiting in Europe (Liege, Holland and Switzerland) just so I can say ‘I lived a full life.’ France is not a forever ‘no’ but for someone that lives with paranoia and anxiety on a daily basis, it’s just a ‘not right now’ and I’ve thought long and hard about my decision. Thanks regardless :)

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