Tony Robbins isn’t my guru either.

Most of you would have heard of Tony Robbins by now — the man is everywhere. Speaking with intent (and spitballing like no tomorrow) on a Netflix doco, popping up on entrepreneurial podcasts and leaping out at you from the sides of buses.

Before a few months ago, I didn’t have a clue what this giant of a man was all about. But I did know one thing — the man has power, he has presence and he changes lives. How did I know? One friend. She went to a seminar to see him live and she came back a changed woman.

I don’t know how but she convinced me, a cynic just like most of you, to take her complimentary ticket to see him this year for a 4-day seminar.

I was at a point where I was just ready for a massive change. A week before, I became that girl that told her partner ‘we need some time off’ *cringe*. I was manifesting the immaturity of a bratty child functioning as a fully grown woman much as I had done for most of my life but this guy was worth it and I didn’t want to ruin my chances anymore. So I agreed to go, tentatively. What if Tony didn’t work on me? If I’m irreparable? Too fucked up to change? Every negative thought circled in my head and surfaced up a week before the event, and in typical fashion, all at once.

It was too late – and I couldn’t waste her $1.5K ticket. I know, what a sweetheart. I set off on my Tony Robbins ‘journey’, by joining a line of 6000 people who were – like me – looking for a way out of their minds.

In a huge, cold warehouse, we spent four gruelling days unpacking every goddamn emotion we could muster up. I felt an invincible energy emanating from each and every one of us. Working on yourself for fifteen hours a day really shakes you up inside, questioning every core belief you have about yourself. But it’s not as self-absorbed / ridiculous as it sounds! I knew I had a mind that needed to be rewired. I couldn’t deal with being this negative, this pessimistic about my circumstances, and this anxious about life. I had had enough.

All 6000 of us sad little souls cried and laughed and danced and shouted from the rooftops (and walked on a thousand degree Celsius hot coals!) and by the end, I couldn’t believe it had WORKED.

Something had been unlocked deep inside.

A few months later, I can confidently say that Tony Robbins’ strategies, although unconventional and controversial, worked wonders on me. And every day, I am becoming more of who I was meant to be. I know what you’re thinking, and to all you skeptics out there, I say: don’t diss it ’til you try it. Don’t rain on the parade of those it’s worked for either, you soul-destroying asses.

Where once I used anxiety as an excuse for not achieving career goals, settling for second best, not deserving the relationship I was in and much more, I now recognise how ridiculous and even childish that way of thinking was. I was so used to anxiety being the story I fed myself that it became too big a part of my identity, and I let it run wild inside of me. This half-week program changed 24 years of existence in just 50 hours. Or in the words of Tony: in a heartbeat. Too much? Yeah, fine, but go anyway.

Eva x