How I came to self-impose screen-free Sundays.

Airplane mode

It suddenly struck me why I was looking forward to flying so much. Turns out that being confined to a crowded metal tube 35,000 feet in the air is a great way to focus. Not for reasons that have anything to do with altitude, recycled air or tomato juice. It’s because I don’t have Wi-Fi.

(Yes, I know that in-flight Wi-Fi is technically available. But it’s overpriced, and the one time I tried it, it was frustratingly slow.) So now I gleefully refuse to use it.

As I was preparing reading material for one of these trips recently, I decided…

(And Change the World Along the Way)

Scaling Community Involvement

It might be a quarter-life crisis. It might be getting over the honeymoon phase of joy and surprise at having been able to find people and companies willing to give me permanent employment and a paycheck (which I know is a lucky situation these days). It might be finally cutting through the crap to what’s important. Either way, I found myself wanting to make a difference in the world, if ever so small. With ambitions slightly tamer than in my idealistic college days, I was looking for something tangible, small scale. Volunteering seemed like the ideal option.

Now, I am…

Eva Bacon

Digital enthusiast, reader, learner, German Brooklynite.

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