2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 4
Scott Myers



The bar is emptying. Just a few die hard patrons propping up the bar and a solitary couple dancing in a corner to ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ by Pink Floyd.

Maya, late twenties and staggering ever so slightly approaches the bar. She has a belt around her hips containing a bottle of tequila, shot glasses, a jar of salt and a container with lime slices.

MAYA: I think I can take this off now, can’t I Tom?

BARMAN: Yes, although I kinda like you in it. It suits you.

MAYA: Yeah, I kinda like it too. Thanks for letting me do it. I had a ball!

Maya unbuckles her belt and places it on the counter.

BARMAN: Well, I certainly picked the right gal to do it. You had them ‘drinking out of the palm of your hand’.

Dave, a large middle aged man, joins them at the bar.

DAVE: She sure did. Inspired choice. Who could resist the combination of tequila and Maya? Come on Maya, say it one more time for me.

The barman places two shots in front of them and pours a third for himself. The two men look at Maya expectantly. She rolls her eyes and feigns reluctance.

MAYA: Oh God, okay then…

She puts a little salt on Dave and the barman’s extended fists and then on her own. They each take a lime slice.

MAYA: Lick, suck, shoot!

The three of them then lick the salt, suck the lime and down the shot in one.

DAVE: Have I told you how sexy you looked in that belt?

MAYA: Only about twenty times.

DAVE: Next round please Tom

BARMAN: You’re gonna drink me out of business.

DAVE: Don’t worry, I’ll pay for them.

MAYA: Come on Tom, you know Dave’s good for it.

BARMAN: Okay, but just to be clear, these are not on the house.

DAVE: For fuck’s sake, just pour them Tom!

MAYA: Hey, don’t you speak to Tom like that.

DAVE: I’ll speak to him however I damn well want. Just get me that shot. Now.

BARMAN: You want a shot, you tone down your language.

DAVE: Tom, you know I don’t mean nothing by it. Now come on, just pour us a shot.

The barman pours out the next round, and the next, and the next…

Everyone else has left and there are just the three of them in the bar now. Maya looks up at the beams which form a star shape just below the vaulted wood pitched ceiling.

BARMAN: Oh no you don’t!

DAVE: Don’t listen to him. Go on, do it, my gorgeous little beam walker.

BARMAN: You walk those beams one more time and I’m banning you.

Maya says nothing, but continues to look up at the beams.

DAVE: He won’t ban you. Bad for business. You know you’ve made it into Lonely Planet?

MAYA: What?

DAVE: Lonely Planet. Tom, this place is famous thanks to her beam walking.

BARMAN: Yeah, well, famous or not, I’m not gonna stand by and watch her kill herself.

MAYA: Oh come on Tom, you know I can do it.

BARMAN: Yes, but not when you’ve had the best part of a full bottle of tequila…

DAVE: For once, you might just have a point, Tom. Hey, get it? Tom just made a point in The Point!

Dave laughs at his own joke so hard he chokes on his tequila and half of it comes streaming out of his nose. He wipes it off his face and jacket and without missing a beat turns to Maya. He puts his arm around her waist.

DAVE: I can think of other ways to have some fun.

MAYA: In your dreams.

DAVE: Aw, don’t be like that. Have I told you how much I want to dive into those deep blue eyes of yours?

Maya edges away from Dave and reaches for a pitcher of water. She pours herself a glass and looks at Tom in a ‘help me’ sort of way. Tom either doesn’t see or chooses not to.

Dave moves in closer to Maya. He runs his hand up her thigh and starts to stroke her face.

MAYA: Back in a sec. I need the loo.

Maya stumbles a bit as she heads towards the back of the bar.

BARMAN: You need to lay off her.

DAVE: Oh, saving her for yourself?

BARMAN: Neither of us are her type. But I like her and she deserves a bit of respect.

DAVE: Respect?! She’s just a messed up drunk who doesn’t know when to stop.

BARMAN: Oh, and I suppose you do?

DAVE: No, but then I don’t demand respect.

BARMAN: Oh God! Maya!

Dave follows Tom’s gaze. Maya is up on the beams, tightrope walking them as if in a trance. She’s smiling to herself. Free at last.

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