Typographers: Neville Brody

Neville Brody’s is an English Designer and Typographer. Although he sticks to a subtle colour pallette when appropriate, a good portion of his work is full of colour, and he manages to toe the line between the tasteful and overwhelming use of colour. The bright, almost neon colours he favours add a pop of interest to his work, and complement his strong style of typeface.

Similarly to Paula Scher, he too had a strong interest in fine art, particularly painting, for most of his young life. When he began his journey into design, the punk movement became a huge influence for him, allowing him to explore how graphic design applied to the society at that time. His style began to develop and he picked up influence from the Pop Art and the unorthodox Dada art movement — also known as Dadaism.

Examples of Dada graphic design

The Dada movement perfectly embodied the Punk revolution; it was mad, loud, unconventional, and blatantly refused to follow the rules. Perhaps it could be said that because Brody began painting, which is at the opposite end of the artistic scale from design, that he needed to push himself to the other extreme in order to find the middle groud.

After finding his style, Brody designed typefaces, including Industria, Insignia and Blur and rebranded the British Broadcasting Corporation in 2011.

Industria typeface

I aim to incorporate Brody’s influence in my work by fully exploring my ideas and pushing them to become weird and wonderful, in order to ensure I am happy with my final design as I know it is, in my opinion, the most effective choice.

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