Stop Paying So Much: Enjoy The Discount!

I was at a store during the holidays and wanted to make a purchase. As it got to my turn and I fumbled through my wallet to get my debit card, I overheard the lady in front of me ask the attendant if she could get a discount if she used her student ID card. 
"Of course you can", the attendant told her.
She made her purchase and left happily.

And that was when it occurred to me that I also had a student ID. Without asking, I presented my ID card and the lady applied the student discount to my purchase. She didn’t bother to look at the details because if she had, she probably would have refused it as it was a postgraduate ID card.

Well, she had no reason to question whether or not I was really a student. With my top and jeans and glasses, if I didn’t look like one then I wonder who does. After all, 6 (and almost 7) years after leaving school, my uncle still asks me the classic “how is school?” question.

I walked away after making my purchase angry at myself. I've had that ID card for almost 3 years and I didn't even know I could use it to my advantage. And to think the ID card is going to expire December 31, 2015!

While I was still fuming, I suddenly realized that this is the same mistake we make as Christians. We have a lot to our advantage which we never really put to use. We often trivialize seemingly little things like prayer. So, we struggle through a lot of things and pay heavily when all we need to do is bring out our ID and enjoy the discount.

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