a lot of this misanthropy directed at your neighbors is not an isolated incident, which is why it…

AW don’t listen to the fool who called you arrogant. I completely agree with you. People are self-absorbed idiots who forget they’re not the only human on earth…. like they’re five. I blame bad parents. Parents let their kids scream and run around and annoy everyone and then those kids grow and, well you know…. I can’t understand why if I’m on airplane there’s always that one bitch, pardon my French, who has to talk loud enough for the whole plane to hear when her partner is sitting right fucking next to her. Oops, did I swear again? I talk to my husband in a level that only his ears can hear. It’s the polite thing to do. But Americans…. politeness is an lost art with us. Those who speak up about it and ask for politeness are the ones who are seen as rude now! Can you please tell your kid to stop singing on the plane? Oh, well now you’re the ass for not enjoying the off-pitch screeching of someone’s little brat, she’s just trying to have fun…. how could you?

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