Honestly, Fuck Your Wedding
Dante Jordan

Hahaha…. yes, I get it, but I actually enjoy weddings. If they’re in town, it doesn’t cost me much, other than a gift that I am glad to give. And if I have to give up a night of binge watching some shit on Netflix, it’s ok too… usually the wedding is done at a responsible time and I can go home and watch some TV before bed. Destination weddings are trickier, you’re right, but if the destination is somewhere I’ve never been, then I make a vacation out of it. I like to see new places. I have friends getting married over Labor Day weekend in Savannah. Yup, Savannah in the summer. It’s not my first choice for a vacation, but I’ve never been, could be fun. And I want you to know, everyone I invited to my wedding, I really wanted there, not just to be backdrops to my pics. I wish I could have had a bridal party of 100, but I narrowed it down to 4, doesn’t mean I don’t love the rest of my friends and family any less. My in-laws invited tons of their friends from out of state, and they wanted to come out, so that was cool too. If you do get invited to some wedding in some horrible little town in Texas, than maybe it’s not worth gong to, but I have found most weddings to be worth the hassle. Get dressed up, drink dance, go home! And I know it means something to the couple getting married… imagine if no one showed up…. they’re day would suck. I know I can support my friends in their lives because I’d want the same done for me.

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