Cusco is a beautiful and diverse place. I know every time that I go there I am always going to have an amazing time and so will you with this step by step guide, which includes places to stay, visit and activities.

Places to stay


When I first went to Cuzco I stayed at a hotel called Hotel Casona de Yucay surrounded by mountains, flower gardens and open fields. The mountains reach up into the sky so high I could climb them and touch the cotton candy clouds. We stayed in a two with two floors. 3 beds downstairs and one king sized bed on the top floor with a TV. There were two bathrooms.


In this hotel it is a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a variety of foods welcome from all cultures (pancakes, ham, cheese, eggs and so on) Every meal is a buffett. Tea, coffee, fresh juice is served during the mornings. During lunch they serve the famous chicu mora a purple drink containing a variety of fruits or lemonade. During dinner lemonade is served and coffee after. Water is an option at all meals.


The second hotel is Hotel Royal Inka. Most rooms have beautiful stained glass windows. If you are big TV watcher there is a good size TV located on the walls of each room. This is a good hotel if you are only staying for a short amount of time because it is placed near the airport (20 mins)


Meals at this hotel is also a buffet kind of hotel. They have simple foods, not to much but not too little. Tea and water are the only drinks served during these meals.

Place’s to go

Machu Picchu

A site I would recommend is Machu Picchu. The towering mountain over the ghosted city of the Inca’s. I suggest you drive to the top and hike down which can be done in 4 hours or less. The other choice is the 5 day hike.

Sacred Valley

The sacred valley is another site. The Sacred Valley is a beautiful array of incan rocks that our peruvian ancestors built. This site will only take 3 hours maximum to tour.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is the city’s cathedral, and the Iglesia de la Compania. The Plaza de Armas is the heart of social life in Cusco. Around it are cafes and restaurants. Everyone comes to socialise in the spare bars at night. “In many ways, to experience the Plaza de Armas is to experience Cusco.” — Destination360 once said. This magical cathedral towers over the city and welcomes all.

What to pack

Cusco for 5 days:

4 T-shirts

2 long sleeved shirts

3 pairs of shorts

1 pair of pants

1 pair of hiking boots

1 set of pyjamas

5 pair of underwear

5 pair of socks

1 water bottle

anything else you think you will need.

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