My journey and me!

Eva Fernández
Oct 24, 2016 · 3 min read

I am Eva, a student at IES Selgas, and I am spending two months in a small village of Oberösterreich (Upper Austria), called Allerheiligen, in Perg. I am studying at HTL Perg, a technical high school.

The landscape

The purpose of this blog,is to keep another people informed about this experience, to know more things about this area, to encourage another people to do this… This experience is also thanks to Erasmus+, project the school is taking part in, called Smile, that allows students to know new places, get culture, meet other people, improve languages, grow as a person…

I travelled from Asturias to Barcelona, then I took another flight to Vienna. While I was travelling I could see the beautiful landscape ,even a lake. There, the high school’s headmaster, Christian and his son Alex ,who spoke Spanish very well, were waiting for me.We went to the capital and I could see important and ancient buildings, like the parllament, the university,the Schönbrunn palace, the cathedral, the opera,the History museum, the national library,the Hofburg Imperial Palace…I really loved it!! After that, we went to a traditional restaurant. Christian and I, ate schnitzel (escalope) with boiled potatoes and a small salad ; Alex ate bread balls with another traditional dish, and also the typical bread. Both were Austrian dishes. Later, we said goodbay to Alex, who was very attentive and nice with me, because he studies and lives in Vienna.

The opera
The parllament
The parllament
The cathedral
Melk abbey

Afterwards we travelled to Perg. We crossed Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), where we saw Melk Abbey ( very famous all over the world), the farm lands… Then we passed to Upper Austria, also lovely .

The farm land
HTL Perg

Here, we crossed the Danube and saw the traditional houses, the cultivations of pumpkins, crops, everything was very green!! Soon we arrived in Perg, where spent one night, because my host family was visiting its relatives in The Tyrol. It got dark, and Christian, his wife Andrea, I also met their kind daughter, Christina, and we went out for a walk , to a chapel, at the top of a hill.I have to say that I felt comfortable with them. I want to thank them for their kidness. The next day, I went to my new high school at eight o’clock, then in the evening I met my host family.I will tell you about them in another post.

This is the summary of my first two days in Österreich. I hope you like it!

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