The family…and more!

We live in Allerheiligen, a small village in the district of Perg. It is situated in the hills and the main activities are agriculture and stockbreeding. In the centre, there is a high church, a school, a shop…

The church

Our house is very big, also the garden, where there is a natural tiny lake, with water lilies and some aquatic plants… In addition, there are some honeycombs to collect honey and three hens. The vegetable patch has different types of plants, flowers, bulbs, herbs… The forest is around this area, and there are a lot of wooden houses to hunt, for example, pheasants.

The hills
The Alphs views and the lake
We played frisbee

The family is formed by the mother, Christina: she studied nutrition in Vienna and she likes plants a lot. With them Christina makes fragances, colognes, water with flavours and medicinal properties… she also loves cooking and the meals always have flowers or plants. The father, Johann, is an economics and accounting teacher; he moves by bike, does archery… he also likes sports and bees. They love speaking Spanish and they usually ask me about new words. They have got a daugther, Katherina, who is my age. In her free time she listens to music, cooks, watches films, goes out with her friends… Johannes, their son, spends quite a long time playing video games. He loves them. His team is called tickling tentacles. Johannes is also very good at frisbee. He wears flip flops and shorts even in this weather, he is never cold. His girlfriend is Anika, who studies mobiles and computing; her hobbies are listening to music, playing video games, like pokemon go, archery… They have two brothers who don‘t live at home: Michael lives in Peru, where he surfs,and Stephan lives in Linz. Finally, Onkl Lois, the family’s cat, which is always sleeping!

Onkl Lois
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