About EVA.IO - CEO Patrick

For a company, the CEO is the very central figure, the company’s foundation. Patrick de Potter, the CEO of EVA.IO, is thus the critical player in the EVA.IO roadmap. We cannot gain a good understanding of where the company will head toward without knowing de Potter’s background.

Patrick de Potter, CEO of EVA.IO

Combining with his wide vision cultivated from many years of leadership in the EV industry, de Potter’s strong network will greatly add value by allowing him to leverage his influence to expand opportunity for EVA.IO. Patrick de Potter was the 185th employee of Tesla, becoming one of the first 200 people that helped Tesla Europe build its foundation. He was part of Tesla EMEA region’s highest leadership and reported indirectly to Elon Musk for 2 years. Outside of business realm, de Potter has strong connections to Tesla’s VPs and to the senior management figures of other automotive labels.

For instance, de Potter’s good relations with key leaders in the sector add much value to the project he is working on as the current COO of another automotive company. This company is formally collaborating with Tesla on a project that aims to elevate the performance of police vehicles. The company has been successfully authorized by Tesla to apply bulletproof feature, communication and entertainment systems to Tesla Model S & X to fulfill the different purposes of police missions. All the transformed Tesla police cars, as shown in the pictures, will have the software installed which connects each Tesla police car to the police department’s central control system.

After reading the background and accomplishments of de Potter, do you feel more pumped about what EVA.IO, under de Potter’s leadership, can bring to the EV industry? If you like us, please do not forget to like and share this article so that many more can learn about our passion and vision for electric cars.




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