Comprehensive Claim Administration Software

Having successfully managed thousands of cases, including many of the major InsureQlik is the verified global frontrunner in administration for administration payments, class action, and figure tort cases.

You’ll have the hands-on, personal sustenance of our proficient class action team from start to finish. We design and modify all your claims measures and processes to the exact necessities of your substance. This establishes a critical substance of exactness and competence for every managerial task to come.

Cost-efficient, secure processes

We can input and accomplish your claims quicker and with superior correctness and competence than anyone else, allowing you to realize important cost savings. Sophisticated claims processing flawlessly grips all mailed, faxed, and automatically submitted claims. We influence today’s most progressive data capture expertise, including certificate imaging, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Intellectual Character Respect (ICR). All claim handing out work we do for you is touched in-house, for ironclad control over private evidence.

Easy-to-use technology

All parties you authorize are just a click away from the latest status on the substance. Intended by attorneys with vast Claim Administration Software, our trademarked Claims Matrix® and Claims Facilitator℠ software provides you with instant, 24/7 access to all efficient case information, including status of signs sent and claims received. Intelligent introducing and data authentication processes flag scarce claims upfront, so no time is wasted handling worthless claims. We carefully monitor timelines to make sure that every phase of your claims processing runs on agenda

Full claims handling can be set up via our Claims Administration Software which comprises the aptitude to record outflows and recoveries from the customer, lawyers, third parties, suppliers and more. These objects can be easily set up in the Claims Suite toolset for assortment when the claim is logged through Interpreter.

Reserves and predictable recoveries can be set up through the toolset which can be evaded to a set amount or with passion linked to a monetary sum protected field from the Line of Industry screens.

These are used when defining the payment and retrieval of a claim input via converter. Claims screens can also be assimilated into any User Line of Business set up via Screen industrialist.

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