15 hours later — Brexit announcement

24th June 2016 — It’s been a rough day in London waking up to the unthinkable this morning: 52% (over 48%) of the voters have decided to leave the EU, GBP has hit its lowest level since 1985, and the UK prime minister has resigned. 🇬🇧💔 🇪🇺

Regents Park | 20.45pm

The sky and the scenery seems utterly nice, yet negative and heavy energies were felt everywhere in London. On the tube, in the office, and especially online. Shocked, worried, and depressed. After an entire day at work, after a fintech workshop at LBS, 15 hours later, I am still confused, unsettled, and speechless.

Why did Cameron promised the UK referendum in the first place (and just resigned after its proven to be a huge mistake)?

What does it tell us about the democracy and education system here when most of the educated people voted to remain and the less educated voted to leave — and won?

The majority of Scottish voted to remain — if they had become independent two years ago, would they have been a part of the EU today?

What does this result imply to the many European friends and colleagues who are working in London?

For those who cheered “yay it would be cheap to travel to the UK now”, how would you feel if you wake up to the news that the impossible has become the possible in Nov in the USA?

What should I say to my colleague who lost 20% of his savings overnight due to the financial shock, and the others who are so worried about their European loved ones?

Why, despite all the warnings about all the horrible things that could happen, we still wake up to this result today?

What can we do together to ensure as we move forward, we can remain positive and strategic?

🌎We are living in a world and an age that everything is connected. I am still learning and figuring out my personal view on the outcome today. I try to remain positive despite all the negatives. And one thing I do know, is that we should be more united and supportive than ever, to be more open-minded to view things from different perspectives — especially in the certainty amidst the uncertainty.