When does your heart sing?

Burgh House, Hampstead

Sometimes beautiful moments in life just happen unexpectedly.

Today is a bank holiday here in the UK. I packed up my backpack with my DSLR and book, heading to Hampstead Village. Attracted by the garden, I walked into the Burgh House. The steward lady told me the history of the house and Hampstead. “The house was built in 1704. People came here for spa from the City of London. Many writers and artists are from Hampstead, even until now. Benedict Cumberbatch lives around the door.” I asked her about the beautiful grand piano that I saw immediately upon entrance. “We host concerts and weddings here, mostly classical musicians.

May I play it?”, I asked (thinking that at most she’d say no). She phoned the manager upstairs, “Katherine, there’s a lady musician here who’d like to play the piano. I’d let you know.” And then followed the magical moments. I took off my accessories and started playing this beautiful grand piano. Time no longer exist. Yann Tiersen, Ludovico Einaudi, Johann Pachelbel, Richard Clayderman, Mozart, Bach… No thoughts, just me and the melody. Moments later, I heard a round of applause. The room that was empty then is now filled with people, old and young, men and women, local and non-local, all watching and listening.

Are you a professional? Have you played in concerts?

How long have you been playing? From which academy?

You’re gifted. You should consider doing a concert. Would you be a professional musician? When does your heart sing?

What was that piece? It reminded me of Downton Abbey.

We had visitors coming in and asking about you. You’ve got fans now.”
The most touching comment was from a senior lady. She came close, held my hand and said: “Your performance is utterly beautiful. There were moments when I shed a tear.

I said that I don’t have much chance to play on a grand piano, and have never performed. They said “You just did”. At the end I was invited me to come back, and even introduced to performing opportunities.

Wow, what a pleasure to make others happy and emotional through music. Not exactly the day I had pictured this morning, but it’s better than I could have ever imagined.

They called me a musician today. Knowing that I made others happy through music, I still have butterflies and thrills.💛