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A dock in a residential area, near Stockholm, Sweden, where some commute to work by boat.

Did you come home from that special trip with disappointing pictures? Want to shoot your next vacation like a pro? Here’s a way to get off to a flying start:

Start with a bit of planning; Make a destination shot-list.

Why, you say?

The first step is figuring out what to shoot. It’s easy to get carried away with that camera, and then come back with a bunch of disappointing nada.

OK. How?

Here are three ways to make a great destination shot-list:

  1. Take the bucket-list approach;

Pick your dream destination. Let’s say it’s London. Then, make a list of…

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This is a small selection of the postcards on my mother’s kitchen wall in Sweden.

My mother collects postcards.

Growing up, we used to make fun of her and all the postcards she taped to her kitchen wall.

Since then, she’s tidied up that wall quite a bit. Now it includes only a “small” collection of postcards that are copies of paintings or drawings. They’re all nature- or ocean-themed.

I’m here visiting my mother in Sweden right now.

When I looked at that wall one morning, the other day, one of the postcards caught my eye.

Do you see it? It’s a painting by Anders Zorn. It reminds me of a picture I shot of…

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Image and story ©Eva-Lotta Jansson

Many people have an epic story to tell about their life, if you ask them the right questions.

Lately, I’ve been speaking to several founders of US tech startups, and I have found that they can be an inspiring bunch.

It all came together brilliantly recently when I was hired by a CEO of a startup in California to write the story about his company, using the structure of the hero’s journey:

We talked about how his company idea arose from a bad employment situation; was cooked together on his kitchen table in a tiny apartment; matured into a bootstrapped…

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Elephants grazing in Kenya ©Eva-Lotta Jansson

Did you just get another email with an emergency appeal from a wildlife organization needing your help to rescue baby elephants or rhinos — because poachers got their mamma?

Did you donate? Did it make you feel like you are making a difference in the world? Does it? I’m not sure. It’s such a sad, demoralizing and backward process, isn’t it? At least it should be seen that way — even though some of these baby-elephant appeal pictures are very cute, and the babies really do need our help. …

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**Update: Here is the Instagram I posted the day after this blog: the rhino I describe in PS. ©Eva-Lotta Jansson

This morning I woke up to Sudan the rhino having died. Sad and sobering news. A call to action.

Why? Why is the death of this particular rhino so significant, you may ask? We hear of horrific butchering and killings of rhinos almost every day, due to poaching.

Sudan was the last male of the Northern White Rhino (at least as known to man). Although now very old, Sudan had been hanging on as long as he could, trying to help with the propagation of his kind. Now he is no more.

As he lay dying, Sudan became a symbol…

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©Eva-Lotta Jansson. Photographing elephants from my Nissan Micra. Here in Addo Elephant Park

“What on earth, I thought. I was so excited, flabbergasted (and probably a little scared) that I accidentally caught part of the inside of my car roof in the frame, when I pointed my camera towards him…”

Read on: I want to share with you an enjoyable and perplexing moment from my new book ‘On the road to elephants,’ a photographic journey about South Africa’s elephants:

“My most special Kruger Park experience happened on the day when I was leaving.

“I’d already had a few adventures on this trip. First I got lost in the park after dark. And I…

Eva-Lotta Jansson

Visual storytelling from the southern tip of Africa @

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