Contribution ?

Let’s start with Tor. Good or bad I don’t know because the TOR network was created by nefarious forces. I doubt it, but you never really know.

we always hear tor name for the dark side like drugs,guns,user data,hit man etc we all have a long list

I am not a bad guy. If you are more focusing on bad things than the post is not for you. It’s about possibilities of good and bad.

For example silk road is a site who is dealing with all illegal things but they run their business very smoothly.

What is their business model ?

Some facts about them .First their all products are illegal. Second they hide you using tor. Third they hide your txn through bitcoin. Forth targeting audience are those who is interesting in these illegal things. Means all business are running same as before they just revamp their technology to make you anonymous buyer.

I hope that all of you see all these illegal things surrounding us. They work on hard cash they believe in bitcoin. They believe in F2F they believe in tor and pgp. Crime rate are same as before.

Bitcoin, Tor and wikileaks are not bad projects. Bitcoin founder anonymous? wikileaks founder under bad condition ? Tor is under donation ?

Tor bitcoin & PGP is using for illegal things because bad guys are more smarter then good guys. Bad guys use them before good guys. Tor and bitcoin is all about hiding yourself. So we can use them to hide us not only for illegal things. You are not a objects for spy by a govt or an individual(hacker)

How to use these projects (contribute)?

A guide for securing yourself from bad guys(hackers) or may be govt.

1 . Download Tor Browser and for Android their are tor projects orbot and orfox. They are easy to use. Speed would be very low because they have limited relay and bandwidth . They run tor project on donation. Use VPN for second layer protection. And if you have resources than run a relay

2. Use PGP encryption(wait for next post)

3. Use Bitcoin. But how? I know govt is against to bitcoin but be a volunteer you can start exchanging money,start accepting bitcoin on your business . Use it because it’s safer than banks, cheaper than banks. Bitcoin or tor both are distributed system.

These points are not about download Tor and find wikki for market place. I hope you will contribute for something good so that we can set some good example of these tools.

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