Climate Anxiety is for Morons and Makes Nations Collapse

How to conserve the conservative elite?

Eva De Vor
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According to some, women should have (more) babies, as fewer children are born each year worldwide. The woman as a birthing machine?

In the year 2020, 1.8% of the world’s population gave birth to a child. In 2000, it was 2.2%. Whatever the reasons, any decision not to have children is thought by many to be selfish. Whereas, you either desire to have children or you don’t. There is little you can do about that. If you don’t have that primal desire, it’s better not to have children, is my reasoning — assuming you have a choice.

Gilead light

But from time to time the question arises, as to whether remaining childless intentionally is selfish. And no, not because of comments or questions from people I meet for the first time. But those of conservative-right and religious voices who advocate strict regulations on abortion and scorn the immoral world of politics and media.

Some of them would be quite at home in Gilead, the fictional, merciless ultra-Christian dictatorship from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. It will never be admitted, but at night they dream of a Gilead light. ‘Light’ because, after all, as a woman you want be able to read God’s word without it costing you a finger.

Imagine not choosing parenthood, because you believe that the child would have to live in a rather insecure, unsafe and unlivable world.

At the very least, you can see it as a motive out of fear, and while fear is rarely the best counsellor, at least it is a considered choice. You find the present world, but especially the one in the near future worrisome. Because of climate change. Because the air, water and agricultural soils are being polluted and the quality of food is deteriorating. But perhaps also for socio-economic reasons or scary technical developments. Is that selfish? And suppose, for one of those reasons, you even have an abortion.


It’s striking, angry voices that accuse a woman of selfishness, narcissism and malice for having an abortion for ‘climate anxiety’ and not wanting children, are themselves also fearful. Fearful for the downfall of (Western) civilization, but also fearful for the extinction of humankind. A certain kind of human.

And so both camps live in fear for very different reasons. This pandemic of fear is raging wildly and we still haven’t managed to develop a vaccine. That’s only convenient, because — examples abound — you use fear to manipulate and get people on your side.

‘Wonder-boy’ Elon Musk is worried about abortion, but more so about the collapse of nations. So he revealed in a tweet to Dutch populist legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingenbroek, well known in American conservative circles.

Musk sees it as an altruistic act to conceive babies. Out of fear of the extinction of humanity? Who knows. The mega-rich owner of Tesla and Twitter, has 10 children with three different women, according to British newspaper The Telegraph, and he’s just getting started.

Elon Musk described population decline as “the greatest danger” to humanity.

Pronatalism as salvation

“Mark my words,” Musk said in December 2021 at a business summit, “if people don’t have more children, civilization will crumble.” He described population decline as “the greatest danger” to humanity. Musk is a so-called pronatalist. To prevent (Western) extinction, pronatalism was born; a new philosophical movement, literally meaning pro-birth.

I hadn’t heard of this movement in the United States (for now). Of course, we have had pronatalism for centuries, as preached by the church. Not to protect the human species from extinction per se, but primarily to be able to spread God’s word, and that simply requires people.

The pronatalists consider the human species and especially themselves extremely important. So those (superior) genes must be widely propagated. Especially those of intelligent and physically and mentally healthy people in rich countries, so that genetically superior babies can be born. In Silicon Valley, as well as in the broader tech industry and especially within conservative circles, the movement is gaining popularity.

You don’t sacrifice humanity to ‘save the planet,’ do you?

Fierce condemnation

Vlaardingenbroek, the conservative-right cowgirl, is in American media fighting for the Dutch farmers against the ‘tyrannical’ Dutch government with its green, globalist agenda. She finds women who decide to have an abortion or not want children because of concerns about climate change and the livability or safety of the world “narcissistic, degenerative and evil”. You don’t sacrifice humanity to ‘save the planet,’ do you? Now that she recently converted to Catholicism and made that public with the words ‘I’m home’, her expressions of bigotry are no less.

Life purpose

The people who make a public fuss about what may or may not be happening in the female womb could very well go through life as narcissists themselves. Elon Musk, Eva Vlaardingenbroek and the far-right Dutch politician Thierry Baudet, as well as Jordan Peterson. Peterson, who on his immensely popular YouTube channel doesn’t hide that having children should be an essential life goal, because you supposedly never grow up if you don’t have them. The clinical psychologist, writer and cultural critic cannot muster any empathy for those not having children because they are concerned about the state and future of the world.

I decide what happens to my body, right?

Negate the right to exercise control over her own body

These ‘conservarnists’ are in favour for having babies and everyone should know it. You would say that’s a choice which is nobody else’s business? I decide what happens to my body, right? When it comes to the womb, this free choice suddenly seems to be of secondary importance. The freedom of being master of one’s own belly, fiercely fought by feminists, must then give way to the collective or, to God?

The freedom to express your thoughts about abortion and not having children for “climate reasons” is harshly condemned by Vlaardingenbroek. She considers it an undesirable opinion, and that is putting it kindly. Exactly what conservatives like her are currently loudly fighting for and exercising: the ability to freely express a ‘different opinion’ without being excluded or cancelled. So don’t be surprised if someone else does the same.

Self-righteousness and virtue signaling, you see on both political sides.

Virtuous people left ánd right

Self-righteousness and virtue signaling, you see on both political sides. They abhor it, but many a conservative-right person is guilty of moral superiority themselves. Because by having babies and embracing motherhood, obviously within a traditional family relationship, you are doing morally right. Especially when God is included. The climate activist thinks she is actually doing the morally right thing by not having children or having her unborn child aborted, because, in her view, the child would grow up in an unlivable, dangerous world and we need fewer people for a healthy climate, not more. Or perhaps it’s because of a much simpler reason: not wanting to be a parent, but of course that doesn’t sound very noble within climate activist circles.

Should pronatalist figures come to power, having a child is not a personal choice, but rather a moral duty for the survival of humankind. Preferably the same kind of human with the same conservative and (ultra)religious ideas.

The white, privileged human must be saved from extinction — right that one, not the poor, black.

A Gilead in the making. The white, privileged human must be saved from extinction — right that one, not the poor, black. Contrary to the selfishness and narcissism of the climate activist, it would be a wonderful and selfless act, wouldn’t it?

When conservative, narcissistic influencers start talking about babies and saving humanity, some alarm bells go off for me. And not just because of sleepless nights after evenings reading and watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Red flags appear because of the disguised racism and nazism and contempt for women who are masters of their own bellies. It’s especially bitter when you consider that for the cost of raising elite babies of his own, Musk could save countless starving children.

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