Not that clever then is he?
Sir Isaac Newton told us why an apple falls down from the sky, but Tim Hunt cant tell us why women…
Deborah Hitchens

I would wager to guess that Sir Timothy Hunt wasn’t given the great commission of answering the question of women’s under-representation in science, but, if instead of spending his life on trivial pursuits that earn a person meaningless baubles like the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, he instead made it his personal responsibility to answer this question, my female intuition tells me that he is probably clever enough to do more for the cause than flap his gums with a vitriolic snark that, despite what all the girl-bros snicker in approval, is not a good look on anyone.

Especially anyone who actually has ideas of change that require people that differ in any number of ways not discount them as bombastic, hypocritical first-world whiners with narcissistic rage to manage the boo boos of their narcissistic injuries. Did you actually ask “what more did he do for men” than for women? Wow.

Drank all that kool-aid, apparently. Hopefully, none was left for some other hapless first world white woman to infect..I mean ingest.

Life is a struggle for everyone. Every one. Don’t even come close to trying to quantifying mine for me. Women that are vicious and aggressive are just as ugly as men that are vicious and aggressive. There’s your equality.

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