Recruiters — time to get with Technology and be “on-game” today not in the future!
Ian M Calvert

Pleasantly surprised to find this gem in my article feed.

I have been puzzled by this incongruence between recruitment and LinkedIn profile data for the previous couple of years.

Résumé (CV) requirements are clearly antiquated. Unlike the lack of flexibility and unspoken expectations about design for the creation and maintenance of digital/print résumé, LinkedIn Profiles support “living information” that must withstand crowd validation. This encourages people to be consciously aware of the veracity of their profile data. And, having the opportunity to include links to view work portfolios and see how someone has participated in groups they are interested is a treasure chest recruitment can potentially use to flesh out a candidate beyond the 2 dimensional constraints of the current format.

In fact, because time is so valuable, I have to make decisions where and what I invest my efforts. I’ve since deprecated the importance of maintaining a résumé, making LinkedIn the primary representation of my professional story.

Why be burdened with donning an archaic relic that is static and shallow? It isn’t really a good look for anyone.

I admit that I have taken myself out of the pool of opportunity that includes keyword search HR processes and traditional paper copy handouts.

I suppose I think it is more beneficial to contribute to investing completely in a new system that just makes good sense.

Thank you a million times over for creating this call to action. I hope to see more like it!