How about a short weekly meeting?

I’ve just read an article about the economic impact of bad meetings and another aspects jumped to my mind, like productivity and motivation.

I have to tell you, that my calendar is about 60% full with recurring meetings per week. There are some not so funny facts about these meetings, like colleagues are late (if they come) and sometimes even the organizer doesn’t dial in (believe me, this happens at least once a week).

If I’m „only” a participant, and the organizer „forgets” about the meeting, I can handle it quite well now, like after 10-15 min, I step out and continue working. The first few times, I got very angry, as I was prepared for the meeting, worked a lot on it, but these days, unfortunately I think about it as a necessary bad thing at work what spoils my efficiency and it takes also time to be prepared for this.

But there are worse effects also. I started not to trust the person and also started to lose motivation in that exact project. It’s something like „if it is not important to you, why should it be important to me?” Finally, after many „forgotten” meetings, I did the following: Declined the recurring meeting and told the guy to let me know if he want to discuss about the topic.
I’m sure, that there is a better solution than what I did.

If I’m the organizer and colleagues are late or even do not come, well that is the case I can not handle so good. We have important projects (of course, every project is important), usually with more than limited lead time. How to proceed, if I’m the only one who feels the importance?

During the kick off, the timeline is presented, also it is confirmed by higher management, so basically every project member is well aware. Status meeting is being held weekly and it is very important to have all the information what then can be translated to customer format and sent out as an update. But still colleagues are late or they do not even show up.
In this case I have to contact them one by one or have the meeting lengthen because of the late beginning. With this, they can chase me out of the World.

I have to motivate my project team. But how? I feel I have nothing in my hand and standard motivation tools do not work. Everybody is overloaded, working in several projects in the same time and all of those are high prio1, so project managers have to have higher management involved…again. In this case, the only thing I can do is escalation, where the success rate is 50% What should I tell to customer? A “sorry, but this week we did not have time to work on your project” would work? Of course not.

Again, I could talk about trust issues, motivation and productivity.

Still I’d like to think, there is a solution. Is there? Can I change the whole organization by myself?