8 reasons why you should watch Sense8

You’re absolutely right about this show being the perfect antidote to all those doom-and-gloom, mankind sucks shows (which I also enjoy at times, don’t get me wrong) — despite the plot not shying away from the dark aspects, it never lets you forget that this is fundamentally an optimistic vision of the world. Like you said, love and empathy are the superpowers, even more so than the ability to kick some serious ass. And not since Firefly have I loved every single main character (and I’m counting the various non-sensate partners/best friends, too) with equal fervour, because they all feel like real, fleshed out people with strength and weaknesses.

I’m so happy that we’re getting the movie (it’s where my hopes went straight after hearing of the cancellation — and unlike with Firefly we won’t have to wait years and year), but like you I keep believing that this might not be the end of the road.

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