Three years of fighting food waste and hunger

A look at the team that is behind the scenes, making a produce delivery service function.

The team in our HQ office in City Garage, Baltimore, MD.

As we turn three years old today, I’d like to take 5 minutes of your day to share some thoughts Hungry Harvest.

I’d like to dedicate our third birthday to the people working with me on a dream to fix the food system: the Hungry Harvest team.

To put it simply: I love my job, and I love my team.

I get a lot of credit for Hungry Harvest’s success to date, but to be honest it’s the team that deserves it.

Yes it, was me on the set of Shark Tank, in Forbes, and often quoted in media. Many people recognize those accomplishments as mine, however, I beg to differ.

They all belong to the team — who remain behind the scenes working diligently day in and day out.

The people who really deserve the credit are Adam, Greg, and Justin, our logistics team, on the loading dock every weekend at 4:00am, preparing to distribute thousands of boxes of produce to our drivers for delivery.

It’s Justin H., our Operations Manager, climbing and squeezing his way through massive pallets of produce, quality checking 50,000lbs of produce by hand, every single week.

It’s Ian, Jamie, and Katie in customer experience making sure every customer is satisfied by answering their questions, composing our customer’s Harvests each week, and introducing new products like our green smoothie kit and avocado toast kit.

It’s Kevin in procurement, travelling and cold-calling farmers to explain our mission, and figuring out how to source 50,000lbs of produce to our warehouse every week.

It’s Mark, our COO, tediously reviewing and updating each of our dozens of processes on a weekly basis, and meeting with each team member to guide them towards their goals.

It’s Will, head of Produce in a SNAP, spending 8+ hours of his weekend at the warehouse on Sundays to ensure each PIAS site gets the appropriate amount of produce, and expanding PIAS to two new sites per month. It’s Melvin, travelling to 4 Baltimore City schools each week to manage the PIAS sites & increase sales.

It’s Cynthia, head of Philadelphia, developing methods to acquire customers from the ground up in the first market we expanded to outside of Washington DC and Baltimore.

It’s Stacy, head of partnerships, working with community partners to offer our services to their clientele, whether it be a school, house of worship, hospital, or business.

And it’s Eric in Miami, building operations, marketing, the team, and partnerships from scratch in our first expansion market outside of the Mid-Atlantic. He was also responsible for building & scaling our entire logistics department.

The team members working behind the scenes are imperative to the success of this organization week in and week out. They ensure everything goes smoothly with thousands of deliveries of fresh produce every week.

This team is my family. They mean more to me than nearly anything else in the world.

It has been my honor to serve the past three years with them working on our dream, and I couldn’t ask for a better team to solve food waste & hunger with.

Happy birthday Hungry Harvest!