Using VueJS to reskin a legacy app for the needs of a modern donation campaign.

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At the American Meteorological Society, we wanted to launch a large fundraising campaign alongside our centennial celebration. Here’s how we went about preparing a legacy app for the needs of (hopefully) a record amount of giving.

The State of Modern Web Giving

The first stage of the process was to do a survey of what modern giving on the web looks like. …

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When I landed my first full-time web developer job, I was excited. I had self-studied for more than a year, and I was finally going to get the chance to spend my workday coding.

But there was one aspect of the role that I dreaded:

Our whole back end was built in ColdFusion.

For those who aren’t already en-Fuse-iasts (disclaimer: ColdFusion developers probably don’t call themselves this), ColdFusion (CFML) is a tag-based language that mixes HTML templating with server-side logic, like PHP.

But, whereas PHP still powers most of the internet, ColdFusion has had a rougher time of it. There is a small, passionate group of CFML developers out there building cool new stuff, but discussions of the current state of the language tend to follow a somewhat familiar…


Evan Perriello

Front end web developer and writer.

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