10 Years Ago my Dad Wrote me a Birthday Poem. Today I Return the Favor for his 60th.

Just before my 20th birthday, my dad sent me this poem:

It’s wonderful because it seems portentous—a foreboding warning about how turning 20 will be a broken brick. But it’s the exact opposite of that. Nineteen Bricks is about how age is an important but arbitrary number; open to interpretation.

In any case, I thought I’d return the favor as my father turns 60 today. Love you dad.

59 Bricks
(For Dad)

59 pristine bricks on a beach
who knows what reason
why the 60th brick was broken
some purpose we suppose a
lazy mason or wayward youth
unaware that universal laws of
force and time collaborate to
create visible circumstance
59 pristine bricks on a beach and
number 60 crumbled
artist, philosopher, theologian and
poet build their case:
“we all begin with raw materials and
face the daunting task of making sense of
random numbers and chance encounters with bricks”
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