Taking your eSports career to the next level

Making the jump from great to professional

The problem with professional Hearthstone

Let’s face it, at some point every gamer has fantasized about the idea of ‘going pro’. This prestigious title is one awarded to few, and justly so. To get paid for something, you have to be pretty damn good.

Fortunately in the case of Hearthstone, there are plenty of ways to make money, whether by streaming, writing articles, casting, or of course playing on a team. Each of these paths can be very rewarding in their own respect. While there seems to be a multitude of books and tutorials on how to start your own business, eSports entrepreneurship certainly lacks the support it needs for many aspiring players and content creators to reach their dreams.

This is where Delta-Wye comes in.

What do we do?

Delta-Wye is a talent incubator, meaning we take promising, driven, and hard-working individuals under our wing, facilitating the growth they need to find success. We provide the guidance and structure required to start making real money through eSports.

DW team members will have access to our network of professional players, successful article writers, and established content creators, each willing to provide the knowledge, insight, and techniques they utilized to launch themselves to where they are today.

The main focus of Delta-Wye is to facilitate improvement.

Our diverse, multifaceted team will provide a focused environment for players to showcase their strengths in deckbuilding, metagame analysis, and general strategy. Our player team will regularly scrim, enter tournaments, and review their play.

We expect our players to work hard, learn from their mistakes, and build strong connections with their peers. We’ll do everything in our power to make that happen.

Content creators and streamers will share ideas, collaborate, and improve each other’s work. Building on each other’s strengths, they will improve at a rate unimaginable without DY.

We believe that any player can sit down and play 10 hours a day, but the best players can play for 5, review their mistakes for 2, and end the day leagues ahead of their counterpart.

What does the program look like?

Application starts with our general form. The DY team will use these applications to get a gist of the players/creators. Promising individuals will be asked for a Skype interview. Our first batch will include up to 45 players and 15 content creators (it’s okay to be both — in fact, we encourage it). The program will last 3 months, starting early 2017.

Every week, we will have a distinguished Hearthstone personality give a talk pertaining to their success in eSports. On the last day of the program, we will have a member demo. Each player will showcase their accomplishments and improvement throughout the program, and content creators will get a chance to display some of what they’ve created. eSports organization executives and industry professionals looking to recruit new talent will be present for this event.

Apply here.

Thanks for reading,

Evan ‘Snapcaster’ Farrell

Founder, Delta-Wye

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