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My ongoing work in visual design.

Evan Sullivan
Jul 8, 2014 · 4 min read

Godiva — Web Advertisements

Web banner ad campaign for holiday season 2014. I created a set of banner ads using existing product photography. Creating the ads entailed photo editing and retouching, as well as vector graphic and typographic design.

EnLux Series — Poster #1

EnLux is an ongoing print media campaign I have self-published. It focuses on simple typographic design and features mind-catching notions. The goal of the project is to increase mental well-being and mindfulness in daily life. Some posters in this series have been featured on-display in the UCLA World Arts & Cultures building.

EnLux Series - Poster #2

EnLux Series - Cards #1

The EnLux campaign also includes printed business cards featuring many of the same designs from the poster series. These business cards are placed in “almost-hidden” locations throughout Westwood Village and the UCLA campus. The intention is that curious passers-by will pick the cards up and enjoy an unexpected bit of inspiration in their day.

Quick, Press A! — Marketing Cards

Half-size business cards created to promote the iOS game Quick, Press A! The design is intentionally void of explanation, creating curiosity about what Quick, Press A! even is. However, the chunky aesthetic hints at a playful and nostalgic subject. I created a the retro-gaming inspired block typeface used for the game’s title specifically for this project.

Small printed card created to market the iOS game - Quick, Press A!

Public Health — Antibacterial Awareness Posters

These placards were created with the goal of increasing awareness of the dangers of bacterial resistance. These were distributed as part of a project I initiated which switched the soaps which my office provides to varieties that do not contain antibacterial active ingredients. These placards were designed to educate, while inciting an emotional reaction using visual design and language.

UCLA Service-Desk IconSet

A small icon set created for the UCLA External Affairs Service-Desk. These were used on the customer facing website in which users could request IT help. The aesthetic is clear yet playful, while matching UCLA’s color scheme.

UCLA Service-Desk Conference Room Guides

A series of printed guides for the UCLA conference rooms. Created to assist visitors with operating and connecting equipment to the projector or TV. Each guide is customized to the built-in equipment of each conference room. Custom-made vector graphic representations of common A/V connections are used to assist identification.

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health — Grand Rounds Logo

Quick, Press A! Logo

EnLux Logo

1–800-POWER-DR — Business Card and Logo

Ben Steen — Business Card and Logo

Evan Sullivan

Written by

Senior UX Designer @ Honda. Creator of Sun Risk for iOS.

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