Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Workshop Schedule & Videos

Day 1, morning — Introductions, and a short presentation on the ‘state of the ENS’ by Nick Johnson, followed by presentations by Taylor Monahan of My Ether Wallet and Dan Finlay of Metamask, and a general discussion of lessons learned from the soft launch.

Day 1, afternoon — open discussion about technical constraints and design proposals for ENS dispute resolution

Day 2, morning — Discussion on designing a permanent registrar

Day 2, afternoon — Discussion of how to secure ENS subdomains and provide for forward compatibility, followed by a talk and discussion about the possibilities for DNS bindings on ENS.

Day 3, morning — ENS & Package Management, Securing ENS, Implementation considerations for Clients

Day 3, afternoon— Economic and technical permanent registrar desiderata, scaling considerations, and future directions for ENS.

Note: I just copied the links and descriptions of Youtube videos to make it slightly easier to find the parts that interest you

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