Guitar heroine

Source: Pexels

It’s been a month since I decided to resume guitar lessons. Until the day before the first lesson, I was still in doubt between giving the guitar another try or learning to play the piano. The final decision was based only on how practical would that be for me. I’ve already tried to play the guitar before, during my teenage years, and having an acoustic guitar at home, it would be easier to practice on a daily basis. I wouldn’t need to worry about buying a new instrument, at least not at that moment.

I have even said to myself, a few years before, that I wasn’t cut out to making music, that I should limit my involvement with the craft to research new artists, listen to them and sing. But things have changed! I just noticed I wouldn’t feel okay if I didn’t resumed that part of my life I had left behind. I am definitely not the same person who wanted to be a rock star at the age of 13. I aim for other things, learned to be patient and every Saturday morning, when I go to class, I enjoy much more the learning process.

One thing that has a great positive impact on my motivation is that now I have a female teacher. This has made me notice the fact that I don’t have many female role models on the field of guitar playing. In fact, my list of female role models has only Joyce Moreno and Wanda Sá, the others are only men: Chico Pinheiro, Anthony Wilson, Julian Lage, Marek Napiórkowski… And so on. Now I embraced this commitment of doing research on female guitarists all over the world, learn more about them.

Also, I’ve decided to record myself playing, as a diary of my evolution while playing, and I call it “Guitar heroine”. My first try: playing Cichosza, by Grzegorz Turnau. Not bad for a beginner who couldn’t play and sing at the same time (let’s forget about my lack of fluency in Polish, haha), and I can notice I’m improving my F chord. There’s a long way to go, but I’m proud of this new beginning.

This feeling of evolution on a “new” craft is unique, and everyone should try it. What have you always wanted to master but never took the first step? Maybe, this is your moment.