Leave King Tut Alone!

King Tutankhamun’s Tomb. Photo by Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt, so I try my best to keep tabs on new and exciting discoveries happening in the field of Egyptology. One of the most recent bits of information to spark my interest was the possibility of there being a secret chamber hidden under King Tut’s tomb. Now, this didn’t spark my interest because I want to see the hidden chamber, it sparked my interest because I just want them to leave King Tut alone already.

King Tutankhamun, or King Tut, is probably the best known Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, mostly due to the fact that his tomb was discovered almost completely in tact. In the scope of Ancient Egypt’s almost 3000 years of existence, he was a pretty insignificant Pharaoh, taking the throne at the age of 9, and dying only 10 years later at 19. Relying on the counsel of advisers for most of his reign, he is best known for restoring Egypt old religious ways after his father Akhenaten’s unpopular reign.

So, mostly the interest was in the condition of the tomb. That’s fine, I can’t blame them. An almost untouched tomb with 5,398 Ancient Egyptian artifacts deserved to be studied. But, that didn’t stop them from dragging the Boy King through the mud while they were making their discoveries.

Every time they start digging deeper into King Tut’s life they put him through the fucking ringer. For example, in 2014, they were able to perform a virtual autopsy of his body which revealed that he had “girlish hips, a club foot, and buck teeth.” Ouch! Not to mention a DNA scan done at the same time proved that his parents were brother and sister. Oh, and he also had malaria. Not to mention his wife, who was his half sister, and his two stillborn children. And you publish it all without any concern for the boy’s feelings. He had a tragic enough life, never mind you airing out his dirty laundry once he’s gone.

Instead of being respectful, you come into this young man’s tomb… this Egyptian Pharaoh’s place of rest, and start talking shit like that? Get out and don’t come back! You’re not welcome! I don’t care if there’s some kind of hidden chamber in the tomb, it’s off limits! You archaeologists clearly have no discretion when it comes to being polite about physical shortcomings and private family information, so you’re not to be trusted with whatever might be in the hidden chamber. What do you hope to find? King Tut’s diary where he talks about being self conscious about his big dorky ass? You’d publish the whole damn thing! Kick rocks!

This boy was a Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s were believed to be Gods. Show some fucking class, people. Find whatever you want, but just try to be nice about it and maybe don’t tell the whole world.

Maybe there’s a reason why King Tut’s burial mask is one of the most beautiful artifacts ever found:

King Tutankhamun’s Burial Mask

Maybe it was to distract from the fact that all signs point to him looking like this:

Point being, this is some of the rudest archaeology I’ve ever come across and I’ve watched The Mummy staring Brendan Fraser. Please don’t go searching for the hidden chamber. Let the boy Rest in Peace.

(Side bar: they think that Queen Nefertiti’s tomb could be in the hidden chamber, so, like, please go take a look)

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