I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing
Dia Frampton

I’ve been watching you, Meg, and the guys grow for years. I’ve followed Meg&Dia, The Khaki Scouts, Archis. I watched you on The Voice. Even though you feel alone, you have more followers and supporters than you realize. It sounds incredibly cheesy, yeah. It always is. Most of us are just silent. Not in a stalker-ish sort of way, more out of admiration. Awe. Your path has done alot to change my vision of life from stark to warm. No, it wasn’t just you, but you did heavily affect it. I was one of those who bough cocoon on iTunes. I hate this phrase so much, but for lack of better phrase, that album saved my future. It gave me more than a fuzzy feeling, it gave me a sense of purpose. Your choices of lyrical content, song structure, and even when to write and post an article, though they feel small, they aren’t. Cocoon helped me gain a sense of accountability. That my life is small, grand, and I can actually do something in a world that tells me to just try something easier. You, your sister, and your friends have all been a part of growths, struggles, and dramatics, mine and thousands of others. I get feeling washed up. I’m a videographer and I feel like my work is literally never good enough, that simply improving isn’t and never will be enough. I can either listen and become complacent saying “good enough” or I can try something new and walk blindly into the fray, risk it all and get shot down or triumphantly exit just a little bit better. Dia Frampton is a name that will always bring inspiration to my soul.

If nothing else, we have to learn to make that enough.

Thanks for your transparency Dia, looking forward to seeing your future unfold. We’re all here for you. (and not in an ‘intervention’ sort of way)

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