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How does this end up in ANY news feed? So tired of this kind of “journalism” being shoved in my face. So much going on in the world, so many things we COULD report about, that the public SHOULD know about. Instead, all news feeds, news programming, newspapers are full of articles about Trump’s tweets. Full of articles that twist facts to support a political agenda. Can’t even find a current events story anymore without having to wade through this garbage. I can come to my own conclusions about what the POTUS did or didn’t say, is or isn’t, whether he is doing a good job or not, I don’t need to read a bunch of opinional articles, that have less to do with actual facts than the writers political opinion, when I go to read the news.

It is sad really, that people consider this Journalism anymore and treat it as such. Can just one news outlet just give me the facts and not throw their opinion in the mix?

No offense to the author of this article, he is entitled to his opinion, he is entitled to write about his opinion, but for a news outlet to promote this article as a “New News Story” is ludacris.

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